Kyle Haynes is Unruly Citizens

NORMAN, Okla. – When it comes to dreams, many seem far-fetched in comparison to the reality we live in. There’s not enough time to pursue what you are passionate about, or there are too many obstacles in the way of chasing a dream.

But in a world full of optimistic millennials, in an unforgiving world, sometimes what you are passionate about can be the ticket to the life you’ve always wanted.

Unruly Citizens is the type of brand that embodies what it means to be passionate about what you do. The entertainment, clothing, and lifestyle brand, founded and managed by Kyle Haynes, is a brand built on the idea of taking charge of your own life, with the mission to bring Oklahoma City together. 

Unruly Citizens has been very active recently, introducing hats and shirts as well as announcing a clothing line for 2017 comprising of sweatshirts, bomber jackets, and more. Unruly citizens will also soon be a record label, with their first artists being Nued Maj and Fresh Jay, local rappers from the Oklahoma City area. 

As well as dabbling in the fashion and music business, Unruly Citizens has begun blessing Oklahoma City with big name rappers, such as Larry June, 21 Savage, and most recently, Migos, whose show is scheduled for Feb. 27 at the Chevy Event Center in Bricktown. 

In a short time, Unruly Citizens has booked three major artists, two of them being a month apart, all while making hip-hop lovers very aware of the fact that many more stars like these ones will be making a trip to Oklahoma City very soon. 

So, basically, if you are a hip-hop head, if you like cool clothes, or if you are another person chasing their dreams like myself, be on the lookout for Unruly Citizens, because if they remain on their current course, this is merely the beginning for what will surely be a very busy 2017. 

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